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Ideas and Improvements

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Height of Public Seats

Did you know that the average height of public seating is 30 cm? For context, kitchen chairs and seats inside public transport are an average of 43 cm.

Local Hawthorn resident Ross Ollquist explains that the limited height of public seating means that those with disabilities and the elderly struggle to regain their feet after sitting on public outdoor seating. The Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 states that seats should be no lower than 40 cm.

Boroondara City has raised some bench seating in Manningtree Road, Hawthorn by inserting concrete blocks under existing seating. A limited cost and highly effective solution.

Ross requests that anyone who believes more change is necessary, contact City of Boroondara, Public Transport Victoria, or your local MP asking that more public seating comply with disability standards.

Raised public seating on Manningtree Road

Train Horn Noise

Within the last three to five years, Boroondara local Donald Bate has noticed the increased noise of the Metro trains.

Having lived next to a train station in Boroondara since 1993, he believes this may be due to the newer trains having louder horn levels and the train drivers being able to decide what level horn they use day or night, including weekend and overnight travel.

Donald is raising awareness of this issue along with other groups across Melbourne. The noise of train horns has been raised as a common problem across the rail network. Unfortunately, under legislation the rail network is exempt from the Environment Protection Authority noise regulations and therefore cannot be brought to account for exceeding noise limits.

If readers are affected by excessive train horn noise in their area, Donald encourages anyone to sign the E-Petition No. 294 until 31 March 2022.

Glenferrie Railway Station


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