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Editorial: Boroondara Commuter Car Park Project

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Liddiard Street carpark

Liddiard Street carpark, with a large simple rectangular footprint of 3,580sqm, appears to be the most viable and amenable site for a multi-level commuter carpark to service Glenferrie Hawthorn.

An underground carpark at Glenferrie Oval is an unlikely possibility due to the issues that will arise with the Hawthorn Main Drain that lays beneath the oval and stormwater harvesting planned for Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

Construction of a carpark at the Wakefield Street site is limited by its small size of 2,120sqm, a significant 40% smaller than the neighbouring Liddiard Street carpark site. The awkward and irregular shape of the Wakefield Street site will limit the capacity of a multi- level carpark and have limited design options.

The Liddiard Street carpark is immediately conducive to an upgrade and construction of a multi-level carpark. The site benefits from; multiple access points via its bordering two-way through roads, recent resurfacing of Liddiard Street, greater capacity and size, simple layout, and relative precinct centrality and proximity to Glenferrie Station - the primary purpose of the carpark upgrade project.

Council’s initial information about the proposed multi-level carpark only includes above-ground construction. This potentially misses an opportunity to also dig down at the Liddiard Street site and more effectively increase the currently limited availability of car parking for commuters and visitors in Glenferrie Hawthorn. A lack of car parking in Glenferrie Hawthorn has proved a sore point for the local area and community for more than a decade. A Glenferrie Car Park study conducted by council in 2012 identified the need for more car parks, however, there has been no additional car parking since then.

The construction of a carpark is not only an opportunity to increase accessibility to the Glenferrie Hawthorn shopping precinct and facilitate train commuting - it is an opportunity to increase public space and provide more amenities for the local community. A well planned and constructed carpark can allow for community gardens, green spaces, seating, public toilets, bike parking, electric vehicle charge stations and can be a pleasant structure for passersby and those using the facilities.

City of Boroondara must seize this opportunity to construct a much-needed carpark for our local area and ensure they maximise the chance to enhance the area and improve amenity. The upcoming community consultation provides an opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts about the location and details of the carpark. The Liddiard Street carpark is the site that should be selected by council, where there will be an opportunity to meet the communities many needs.

[Edit: Provide feedback on 'Additional car parking spaces near Glenferrie Station' via Feedback closes at midday Thursday 10 February]

Map of Glenferrie carpark site options


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