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Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Tony Ericson

Tony lives and works in Melbourne. He is self-taught, with no formal fine art training. His resolve is to find out how much he can develop as an artist, as that part of his life becomes more and more important to him.


Work by Tony Ericson


Phil Kreveld

Phil’s work is figurative, many pieces based on travels through Europe, principally Asturias in Spain, where Phil worked on etchings, drawings and paintings. Many of the paintings exhibited here are autobiographical, inspired by those experiences. Phil has exhibited many solo exhibitions locally and internationally. 0418 530 781 p.kreveld@bigpond.com www.philipkreveld.com.au

Work by Phil Kreveld


Alex Bridge

Alex has painted all her life and has exhibited at group and solo settings around Victoria since 2016. Her paintings explore elements of nature in abstract form, especially the details in the natural and man-made environment that form pattern and repetition, distilling light, movement and moment. Alex uses gestural marks leaving the brushstrokes raw and immediate. The texture of the media used, the juxtaposition of marks and considered colours are all important parts of the whole. Colours are mixed to react in combination and the layers of different texture describe light and show the progression of the work. The piece exhibited, Grasslands 1, describes travelling through an outback landscape where spinifex and grasses are lit by the dusky sun. Dark umber shadows creep across the hot earth in the late afternoon.creating ripples and undulations into the distance.

0402848128 bridgefamily10@gmail.com

Work by Alex Bridge


Kathy Best

Kathy is a local emerging artist who has been painting consistently since 2008 under the guidance of many tutors. She is continuously learning and thinking of new ideas and completed her Certificate IV in Visual Arts in 2021. Kathy creates bold, expressive acrylic abstracts and contemporary paintings based on observation of the world around her. The works are predominately based on the present landscape and landscapes observed while travelling. She sometimes paints loosely from reference photos or memory. Other times she lets the paint and marks on the canvas guide her. Kathy’s works explore colour relationships, impasto texture, movement, shapes and layers.

The exhibited piece, Kitchen Table, gives gratitude to the home surroundings she spent so much time in this year. @kathybest.art https://kathy-best.com/

Work by Kathy Best

Tony, Phil, Alex, and Kathy all make regular appearances at the Hawthorn Artist Society’s weekly portrait, abstract and life drawing studios at the Hawthorn Arts Centre. For further information and these and other studios and classes visit www.hawthornartistsociety.org

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