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Hawthorn Artist Society | 819 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Wayne Aubrey

Wayne has enjoyed drawing since he was about 5 years old. He joined the untutored Hawthorn Artist Society Life Drawing sessions in 1999, without any formal artistic training, and has been a regular attendee ever since. Wayne has been running the Sunday morning untutored classes since January 2015, which he continues to run to this day in the basement at the Hawthorn Arts Centre. Professionally, Wayne has worked in the electrical and electronics industry since starting as an apprentice at Philips Consumer Products in 1976, rising to become Engineer and Quality Manager at Clarion Car Audio and Swift Packaging in Braeside.

Ken Wight

Ken currently convenes an untutored abstract painting group on Thursday afternoons as part of the Hawthorn Art Society classes operating from the basement at Hawthorn Arts Centrel. Ken only started painting less than 10 years ago, on retirement, and was delighted to find the sessions to be great fun. He enjoys the freedom that abstraction provides, allowing the artist to focus on the moment and find images in everyday environments. This has expanded this approach into his ‘non-painter’ life where he also enjoys recording abstract shapes, detail and colours of daily life through photography. Ken admits: ‘even a clumsy left-hander like me (who can’t draw) can have a great time making marks in any conceivable way and responding to the ideas that burst out from within.’

Alex Bridge

Alex has painted all her life and has exhibited at group and solo settings around Victoria since 2016. Her paintings explore elements of nature in abstract form, especially the details in the natural and man-made environment that form pattern and repetition, distilling light, movement and moment. Alex uses gestural marks leaving the brushstrokes raw and immediate. The texture of the media used, the juxtaposition of marks and considered colours are all important parts of the whole. Colours are mixed to react in combination and the layers of different texture describe light and show the progression of the work. The piece exhibited, Grasslands 1, describes travelling through an outback landscape where spinifex and grasses are lit by the dusky sun. Dark umber shadows creep across the hot earth in the late afternoon.creating ripples and undulations into the distance.


Alex, Ken and Wayne are all current members of Hawthorn Artist Society, where they can be found at the weekly portrait, abstract and life drawing studios in The Basement, under the Hawthorn Arts Centre. If you are interested in meeting them or joining any of these classes, or if you want further information on these or other studios and classes in offer, please visit us at:


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