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Placemaking Project Update

The City of Boroondara's 2019-20 budget includes a $2.6 million investment over three years into the 'Glenferrie Placemaking Project', the details of which were unclear until the release of the November Boroondara Bulletin. The budget also includes a two-year $1 million investment into a 'Neighbourhood Shopping Centre Improvements Pilot' for Maling Road, which seems to have now joined Glenferrie in council's placemaking approach to local shopping precincts. The Bulletin describes that council "are excited to embark on our first two placemaking projects", Maling Road Precinct and Glenferrie Precinct.

The council has described placemaking as "a new way of planning, building and renewing our public places" with an aim to "improve social interaction, create thriving local economies, contribute positively to the environment and enhance our community's quality of life." In practice, this could include street improvements and decoration such as furniture, lighting, art, and greenery as well as public performances, events, and exhibition spaces. Council will ask for feedback from residents in order to understand what is important for local communities now and into the future, starting this month for the Maling Road Precinct and early 2020 for the Glenferrie Precinct. For more information visit

Glenferrie's Civic Space located on the corner of Glenferrie and Burwood Roads.

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