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Parking Guidance System

The Council intend to introduce parking guidance systems to Boroondara shopping centre carparks. For 2017-18 Boroondara Council has committed $400 000 for the system to be implemented in Kew Junction. Following this, they plan to rollout the system in Camberwell Junction and Glenferrie Hawthorn. Electronic ground sensors will be installed in each car park, as a part of the parking guidance system, to gather real time parking data. Based on this data, the exact number of vacant carparks will be displayed on electronic parking signs. Additionally, the real time carpark vacancy information will be accessible on a Smartphone App.

While the aim of the system is to reduce the ‘circulating’ traffic due to drivers attempting to find a carpark and to enable easier parking access, there are some secondary outcomes too. A similar trial undertaken in Adelaide saw parking fines increased by 1600%. Just as the technology provides real time data on vacant carparks it also collects real time data on vehicles overstaying their permitted time. This data will be highly valuable for Boroondara Council when it comes to enforcing parking restrictions.

There may also be an increase in fines for use of mobile phones while driving, as drivers use the App to search for carparks while they are driving. While a guided parking system certainly cannot serve as a replacement for increased car parking in Glenferrie Hawthorn, it is expected to reduce the time to find a carpark by 40%, so that’s a bonus at least.

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