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Council's Take On Parking

The lack of car parking in Glenferrie Hawthorn is the main issue that is brought up with The Glenferrie Times by traders. So, we have been in contact with Boroondara Council Officers and Glenferrie Ward Cr Steve Hurd on the issue of car parking in the area.

Traffic and Transport Manager, Jim Hondrakis, from Boroondara Council has frequently responded to our queries and kindly took the time to meet up with The Glenferrie Times to explain the state of car parking management in Glenferrie Hawthorn.

The last detailed car parking report for the area was the Glenferrie Car Parking Study 2012 (2012) which was informed by parking surveys from Oct-Nov 2010. This was before the opening of destination venues; Hawthorn Arts Centre, Lido Cinemas and redeveloped Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre. A lot has changed since 2010.

Cars parked along one of Glenferrie's side streets.

Mr Hondrakis explained that since 2012 the Council has changed the mix of short-medium-long term parking, trying to strike a balance of car parking for locals and visitors to the area. The Study 2012 recommended the addition of 224 parking spaces. The recommendation was based on projections of increased development of commercial space in the area.

Mr Hondrakis explained that this type of macro-economic projections was provided to Council by an independent consultant, however reality is that the commercial space in the area has not seen a significant increase since 2012. Therefore, Council have not developed additional parking in the area and are no longer considering the option.

Instead of increased commercial space since 2012, there has been significant increases in residential development. While Mr Hondrakis says that all the residential developments meet their parking requirements through the planning permit process, it does feel like there is increased pressure on car parking in the time the residential developments have increased in the area. Or does it just coincide with increased popularity of the area since more destination venues have emerged?

Mr Hondrakis acknowledged that the parking surveys from 2010 are outdated. A more accurate representation of the current situation is needed to make significant changes to car parking. A parking survey of Glenferrie Hawthorn may occur next financial year.

Thank you to Mr Hondrakis for his thorough view and explanation of car parking management in Glenferrie Hawthorn.

If you have any comments on car parking, please email

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