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The Glenferrie Burger Breakdown

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

There are eight* hamburger restaurants in Glenferrie Hawthorn, colloquially known as 'burger joints’. Each offers its own unique experience depending on what you are looking for in a meal, atmosphere, or even just how much time you have to spare.

For many customers, the determining factor in their choice of burger joint is driven by what has brought them to Glenferrie. For mother Belinda and three children Sam, Ben, and Ellie, they chose to eat at Grill'd (754 Glenferrie Road) for the first time because "it's close and healthy". Grill’d was convenient because Belinda works in the area at Swinburne University, the kids were seeing a film at Lido Cinemas, and they all stopped in to Lawrencia Cycles right next door before heading to lunch. Having tried other Glenferrie burger joints, they know there are "lots of options in the area so it's nice to try something new".

Clem from L'Burger, Shop 1/672 Glenferrie Road

As someone who is always on the road for work, customer Craig typically stops to have a burger for lunch at different locations all around Melbourne. During his first experience eating at L'Burger (Shop 1/672 Glenferrie Road), he enjoyed the "relaxed and modern" atmosphere as well as the burger itself - especially the bun, which he said was "awesome, so soft and nice". Rodney, owner of L'Burger, explains that they are "focused on the dine-in experience" and their tables can cater for up to 10 people along with many booths for smaller groups to enjoy.

The spaciousness of Humburger (789 Glenferrie Road) is a drawcard for social outings, with outdoor seating at the front of the restaurant on both the footpath and parklet as well as a "beautiful” courtyard, said owner Binod. With an exposed brick interior and open plan front kitchen, there is a spot for everyone whether they are in a rush or wanting to take their time.

Courtyard of Humburger, 789 Glenferrie Road

Worldwide chain McDonald's (692 Glenferrie Road) has been serving burgers the longest on Glenferrie and is a reliable old favourite. A customer dining with their two grandchildren commented that they do not live in the area but came for the kids. She was confident the grandchildren would enjoy the food, which continues to be marketed heavily.

Across the road, Pip and Tristan had a bite before heading to a film at Lido Cinemas. Similarly, they were not local to the area but chose Huxtaburger (681 Glenferrie Road) based on "previous experience" as Pip "knew the brand because of the one in Footscray". Pip also commented on the advertising in the shop being non-aggressive, unlike other chain restaurants, and that instead it focused on "local events and music".

Tallulah & Jayden from Huxtaburger, 681 Glenferrie Road

The Resistance Bar and Cafe (Shop 6/672 Glenferrie Road) also likes to keep a local focus, especially when it comes to ingredients. Kulunu explained that their burger buns are "all freshly baked in-store, meat is from Glenferrie Gourmet Meats just down the road ... sauces we make in-house" and "things we can't find in Glenferrie we find in inner Melbourne", emphasising the use and importance of "family-owned suppliers".

For local employees, burgers are a regular staple of the work week. Three co-workers who go out for burgers every week said that they have tried almost all the burger joints in the area, but keep coming back to Ribs & Burgers (862 Glenferrie Road) not only because "it tastes quite fresh", but because it is close to their office. This is especially important for them as they typically get takeaway and appreciate how the service is "friendly, efficient, quick... no dramas".

More unique in the area is New York Minute* (817 Glenferrie Road) with its takeaway focus, minimal seating, and alternative operating hours. New York Minute is open late most nights until 3am and their highest amount of traffic comes from delivery services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo, making them a good option for late night cravings.

There is something for everyone when it comes to burgers in Glenferrie, whether you are looking for a quick bite, a comfortable seat with friends, something new or an old favourite, or simply the closest and most convenient restaurant. With the offerings available in Glenferrie, locals and visitors are bound to find the right burger joint for their needs or be inspired to keep trying something new.

*Since publication New York Minute has closed their location at 817 Glenferrie Road. For information on New York Minute's other locations visit


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