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Road To Ruin?

In March, Boroondara Council proposed a Draft Road Materials Policy 2024 to guide the materials used to maintain and replace Council-owned roads.

The policy proposes to only reconstruct concrete roads using concrete, if they are in one of the ten heritage-controlled areas. For other concrete roads requiring

reconstruction, asphalt will be used due to its cost-effectiveness and ease to maintain.

Concrete roads were installed between the First and Second World Wars and Council acknowledges they “contribute to the municipality’s interwar heritage character”.

Where reconstruction of bluestone kerbs and channels is required, unless the road is classified as heritage-significant, they will be constructed with a single kerb stone and a single pitcher channel stone. Council explain that “bluestone pitchers suitable for maintaining and renewing gutters are no longer mined or produced. We only have a limited number available.”

Hawthorn Historical Society member, George Demetrios, is concerned that without our bluestone kerbs currently being heritage protected, they are at risk of disappearing in their present state.

Boroondara Council invite community feedback on the policy, with a survey available until 12 April 2024 at Engage Boroondara. Feedback will be considered before the policy is finalised and presented to Councillors at a Council Meeting mid-2024.

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