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Newly Elected Kooyong Representative: Dr Monique Ryan

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

If this year’s Federal election has proven anything, it is that the concept of the ‘safe seat’ may well be on its way out. After 12 years as Kooyong’s representative in the Parliament of Australia, Josh Frydenberg conceded defeat to Dr Monique Ryan on 23 May, officially ending the Liberal’s unbroken hold on Kooyong since the party’s inception in 1945. Monique is the first independent in office on the former stomping ground of Liberal Party pioneer, Sir Robert Menzies.

Hon. Dr Monique Ryan

As one of this year’s election-dominating ‘teal’ independents, Monique campaigned on ‘socially progressive and economically conservative’ ideologies.

Monique won against Josh by a margin of 5.9% at the time of publication. It was, however, only a two-horse race with Labor’s Peter Lynch attracting just 6.9% of primary votes, the Green’s Piers Mitchem finishing at 6.2%, and other independents racking up 3.8% in total. Out of 113,054 current eligible voters in Kooyong, the 2022 election saw 91.6% voter turn-out. This was a slight decline compared to the 2019 federal election which saw a voter turn out of 94.1%.

Monique said of her win, “it’s an enormous honour to be chosen by the people of Kooyong to represent them in the federal parliament” and that “It’s also a big responsibility, and one I don’t take lightly”. Of her priorities going into Federal parliament, Monique will “continue to push for real action on climate change, integrity in federal politics and gender equity ... setting up pathways for ongoing consultation and communication with community organisations, sporting clubs and other interest groups”.

As someone who is very active in the local area, Monique reflects on what splitting her time between parliament in Canberra and home in Kooyong means for her personally. “I’ll miss going to my local shops and eateries, going to the park with Alfie, our cavoodle, my younger son’s sporting engagements and my own sporting commitments.” She explains, “I’m hoping to get back on the hockey field soon for Hawthorn, and will continue to swim with the squad at HALC as often as possible”.

Teal has become this election’s most undeniable colour. In true diplomatic form, Monique admits she plans to “wear a bit of teal - but also some navy, red and green” in Canberra. “It’s important that I represent all people of Kooyong,” she states, “and I’ll do my very best to achieve that”.


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