Inkache Tattoo | 817 Glenferrie Road


After 15 years as a visual artists and five years in tattoo, in January 2021 Fiona opened her own studio, Inkache Tattoo located at 647 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn.

Fiona created this upper thigh tattoo in 2020, combining imagery of the traditional Chinese ink crane with peonies in a fine-line tattoo style. By colouring only one small focal part of the design, Fiona has created a vivid and unique artwork.


Ray has been tattooing for over six years and specialises in oriental and realism style.

Legend has it that dragons can move clouds and rain, eliminate disasters and bring blessings, and symbolise auspiciousness. Therefore, the dragon has become a custom throughout to pray for peace and good fortune.


Sabi is a self-taught tattoo artist who specialises in the styles of watercolour, black-and-grey realism , abstract, and mash-up works.

This particular piece is based on Rihanna's Medusa look from GQ magazine photoshoot from a photograph picked by the client. Sabi turned it into something unique. giving the artwork a statue-look. Medusa represents female power, freedom, and transformation.

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