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How to Achieve Auction Day Success

By Andrew Gibbons of Marshall White Real Estate

801 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

With more properties selling in the area by auction Then any other sales method, Andrew provides his tips to achieve auction day success.

For Sellers:

1. Plan your auction date carefully. Aim for a ‘clear

calendar run’ in the four weeks leading up to the chosen

date, trying to avoid school term breaks and public


2. Declutter. Declutter. Declutter. Your Sales Agent will be

able to advise you on what needs to be done and can help

organise professional contractors to assist.

3. Invest in preparing your property for sale. This may

include a garden overhaul, painting, general repairs

and high-pressure cleaning as well as interior styling.

Generally, every dollar spent on styling and preparing

your property for sale will be returned three-fold on

auction day.

4. Invest in photography and videography. Property

marketing is ‘visual’. Beautiful photos and videos are key

to selling ‘the dream’. Drone photography is particularly

important for international and out-of-town buyers to be

able to pinpoint a property’s location and land size.

5. Right from the start, ensure that you are comfortable

with the advertised quoted price range. You only have one

shot at auction, so it’s vital your expectations are in line

with the market.

For Buyers:

1. Go to as many auctions as you can to see how they work

and what each auctioneer’s style is like, and how bidders

interact with them.

2. Inspect the property as many times as possible in the

lead-up. If you are sure this is the property for you, invest

in a building and pest inspection – this will give you peace

of mind.

3. On the day, introduce yourself to the auctioneer and

stand close to him/her, maintaining eye contact, so that

your bids are acknowledged.

4. Dress for success! Buying a house is a major, potentially

life-changing event and looking the part will give you

extra confidence. Also have trusted friends or family

members along for moral support

5. Be sure you have your finance pre-approved – and you

are ready to go.

Andrew Gibbons is a highly experienced Sales Agent and Auctioneer with a passion for property in Boroondara. He has 20 years experience in real estate and has lived in Hawthorn for as many years. Andrew is also currently involved with coaching at the Hawthorn Citz Junior Football Club.

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