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Glenferrie’s Missing Community Events

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

After the cancellation of the annual Glenferrie festival organised by the Glenferrie Traders Association (GTA), the opportunity to host alternative, COVIDSafe events for the community over the summer has now passed.

In December 2020, City of Boroondara stated they were “actively engaged with the [GTA] on alternative COVIDsafe events to be held during 2021”. However, neither council nor GTA have announced any plans for upcoming community events in Glenferrie following council’s ‘Summer in the Park’ series in January and two small placemaking events in March.

Over 600 commercial properties pay nearly $200,000 in annual special rate and charges to the GTA through council rates, for the purpose of marketing and promoting Glenferrie Hawthorn. The businesses that these funds are intended to support are understandably disappointed with the lack of recent activity from the GTA and their contracted coordinator.

The GTA also receives over $40,000 for the Glenferrie Festival through council’s ‘Vibrant Retail Precincts’ grant, which can be used to operate alternative community events which also satisfy the specific criteria of the grant.

In an effort to bring more activity to Glenferrie Hawthorn, the GTA did introduce the Park Street Market in November 2020, a fresh produce market on Saturday mornings. Unfortunately, the market has been cancelled multiple times since March and does not appear to have taken hold in the community, with some criticising the market’s poor promotion, limited stalls, and lack of variety. With stalls predominantly operated by Glenferrie businesses, the market requires local traders to divide their operations on a busy trading day for little gain while offering customers less products from retail shops only around the corner.

The GTA also under-delivered for Easter when a week before, small posters were haphazardly stuck to existing bin wraps stating “Celebrate Easter. Enter Colouring in Competition to Win an Easter Hamper valued at $150”, with no further details on the poster or online.

Glenferrie Traders Association Easter posters stuck to bin wraps

The GTA did not respond to multiple emails requesting information about their plans for upcoming events or promotions, and how they intend to spend their funding. The GTA website was also unavailable for multiple days over the Easter period without any acknowledgement on their otherwise active social media.

Perhaps this inactivity is an opportunity for Glenferrie locals to step up and offer their services to get the GTA on track with events to promote the area. Contact The Glenferrie Times with any suggestions, comments, or thoughts at or by calling (03) 9819 4371.


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