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Glenferrie Place Plan

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Artist impression of Glenferrie Road streetscape. Source: City of Boroondara (Place Plan)

Two years since the Glenferrie Placemaking Project first began, the ‘Place Plan’, originally scheduled for release in March 2021, was finally released on 25 October.

The ‘Place Plan’ comes after the ‘Place Vision’ (released in August 2020) and aims to outline specific projects and initiatives that will help achieve the vision and revitalisation of Glenferrie Hawthorn. The next and final stage will be ‘Transforming Space’, making the plans a reality.

The ‘Place Plan’ is a long-term plan with nine proposed initiatives based on principles that emerged from the ‘Place Vision’. The nine proposed initiatives have been grouped for completion in the short term (1-3 years), medium term (4-10 years), long term (10+ years), or ongoing.

The three short term initiatives are; ‘retail vibrancy’, ‘station laneways’, and ‘Glenferrie mews’. The ‘Glenferrie mews’ initiative includes the construction of a carpark, which was slated by the federal government in the 2019 Urban Congestion Fund.

Of the remaining initiatives, ‘sports and recreation’, which includes the restoration of the Michael Tuck Stand, will take place over the short to medium term. The ‘Glenferrie streetscape’ will be completed in the medium term and ‘cultural quarter’ will take place over the medium to long term. The ‘sustainable access’, ‘creative community’, and ‘innovation spine’ initiatives will be ongoing projects.

The overall budget for the Glenferrie Road Placemaking Project, introduced in 2019-20, is a total of $2.6 million. There is currently no mention of a budget for the implementation of the major projects from the ‘Place Plan’.

This year, as a part of ‘creative community’, the Placemaking Project has implemented a mural in the Glenferrie Place laneway as well as ‘yarn bombing’ on Glenferrie Road where a number of benches, bike racks, and poles were covered in yarn. Council has explained that the Placemaking team have a number of other events and projects planned before the end of the year including “paste-ups, a ground mural on Railway Arcade, and a post-lockdown event .... ‘Christmas Magic on Glenferrie’”.

To view the ‘Place Plan’ and provide community feedback by 6 December 2021,

Yarn bombing outside Hawthorn Arts Centre


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