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Matt from Mind Games

Board-game aficionado, Matt from Mind Games took some time out from play to share his tips for some fun holiday alternatives to well-worn family game options.

We are currently living in a board game renaissance. Indeed, there are more board games now than ever before. Ones that you can play on your own, with friends, families or groups; games where you compete and games where you co-operate, even some games that have a little bit of both. If you want to play a 15-minute card game, or a 6-hour epic strategy game these holidays, you’re covered.

Single and Two-Player Highlights

Final Girl is a single-player game that places you as the sole survivor and protagonist in an '80s horror movie.

Hive is an excellent two-player game that's kind of similar to chess. Patchwork and Fairy Trails are both neat two-player puzzle games that are going down really well at present.

Family Favourites

People tend to love games they've been playing since they were kids; Monopoly, Cluedo, UNO and the like aren't going anywhere anytime. I'm retreading old ground here, but Ticket to Ride, Catan, Azul, Sleeping Queens, Rat-a-tat Cat, Carcassonne and The Quacks of Quedlinburg are all games I'd consider to be "modern classics." Christmas in Australia is also the season of Finska and Kubb, Scandinavian outdoor games that involve throwing a wooden chuck at pins.

Family Feud

People who are a little frightened of a family spat don't need to worry, there are plenty of games that have us working together rather than against each other. These games are strategic or puzzley and reward teamwork. Great for groups who don't particularly enjoy competition, or parents who want to teach their children how to work together. Recommend for families are the Forbidden series of games. 5 Minute Dungeon and 5 Minute Mystery are also both really fast, loose, and chaotic cooperative games that are a blast to play. Great for kids with a short attention span.

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