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Council Roundup

Place Plan Favoured

On 11 December 2023, after nearly four years since inception, Boroondara Council finally adopted the Glenferrie Place Plan (The Plan). Council explains that the Plan ‘is a guide to the future revitalisation of the Glenferrie precinct in Hawthorn’.

The most recent sticking point of the Plan, was the proposed development of a multi-deck car park in the Liddiard/Park Street car park, which would deliver at least 40 additional spaces to replace those being lost along Glenferrie Road due to the Plan’s ‘Glenferrie Streetscape’ initiative. In May last year Council consulted the community on options for Liddiard/Park Street car park. From 863 responses, a fairly even three-way split in preferences was received: 1 - Build new multi-level carpark on the south-half and sell north-half of site (307); 2 - Build one new level of parking over entire site (260); 3 - No change (296). Boroondara Council officers then recommended option 1 for the Plan. Councillors did not follow this advice and instead approved the Plan with option 3 - no change to Liddiard/Park Street car park and suggested ‘additional parking may be provided at this location in the future.'

Tougher Tree Laws

Boroondara Council are updating their Tree Protection Local Law 2016, which is dedicated to protecting ‘significant’ and ‘canopy’ trees on private property. Council are seeking comment on the existing laws and proposed updates by 5pm, 27 February 2024 on

Engage Boroondara. ‘Significant' trees have been identified as outstanding due to their; impressive size, age, scarcity, ecological value, or cultural and historical significance. There are over 1,000 of these trees in Boroondara on private property or public land and they are listed on a register. 'Canopy' trees contribute to general biodiversity, shade and privacy. 64% of these trees in Boroondara are on private property. A tree is determined to be a canopy tree, and therefore protected by local laws, based on trunk circumference. They are not listed on a register. The proposed law updates aim to: make the law clearer, keep locals up-to-date, and deter illegal removal and damage of protected trees. Some updates include: increased maximum fines from $2,000 to $3,840 for illegal tree removal or damage; align measurement of canopy tree trunks to national standard guidelines; and clarification of permit guidelines for works near a neighbour's protected trees.

Tuck Stand Tenancy

In September 2023, Boroondara Council found 60% of 475 respondents supported the draft ‘Michael Tuck Stand and Glenferrie Oval Revitalisation Vision and Design Brief’ (the Vision). Councillors then adopted the Vision in December and confirmed the oval will be used for Australian rules football in winter and junior cricket in summer, quelling a push for the oval to be used for soccer. Council will now undertake a process to determine the occupancy for the sports pavilion and oval: ‘hub model’ for Women’s Australian Rules Football or ‘tenant model’ for local sports clubs. Through an 'expression of interest' process, this year Council aims to finalise which community groups will occupy available space in the Tuck Stand, prioritising Kew and Hawthorn Historical Societies and Boroondara and Glenferrie Brass Bands.

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