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Cancelled: 2021 Glenferrie Festival

In December 2020, the Glenferrie Traders Association (GTA) announced that the annual Glenferrie Festival would be cancelled for 2021 due to the risks and regulations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the Victorian Government's 'COVIDsafe Summer' strategy does permit particular outdoor events, the GTA explained that the restrictions would not feasibly or adequately allow the event to operate in its usual capacity. Last year, the 2020 Glenferrie Festival reportedly drew an estimated crowd of 90,000 visitors wandering Glenferrie Road between Burwood to Barkers Roads, which is closed to traffic for the event.

The Glenferrie Festival is scheduled to resume in March 2022. In the meantime, the GTA stated they are in discussion with council to host other COVID-safe events for the community throughout the year. In addition to their annual funding of nearly $200,000 from the Glenferrie Special Rate and Charge Scheme paid by rateable properties in the Glenferrie precinct, the GTA receives a triennial 'Vibrant Retail Precincts' grant from the City of Boroondara which allocates up to $50,000 a year to support the operation of the Glenferrie Festival. The GTA plan to use this year’s allocation of funding toward other community events, as long as they satisfy the criteria of the grant.

2020 Glenferrie Festival


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