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Boroondara Council Budget 2024-25

The Boroondara 2024-25 Budget was unveiled inMay and set for adoption by Council on 24 June 2024.

Council explains that the Boroondara CommunityPlan 2021-2031 is the “key strategic document” that drives everything done by Council and funding allocation is based on community values and focuses on maintaining and enhancing “Boroondara for our community today and into the future.”

Property rates are increasing by an average of2.75% in 2024-25, as determined by the Minister for Local Government. This increase sits alongside the average increase in property valuations across Boroondara of 3.06%.

Some planned projects from the budget for Glenferrie Hawthorn include:

Glenferrie Place Plan

After four years of planning, this year's budget sees $439,773 allocated to upgrade the Columbia Street laneway area adjacent to Glenferrie Station at the rear of Glenferrie Centre. There are also plans to “create safer pedestrian paths, add greenery and other street-level public space improvements.”

Hawthorn Library

Refurbishment of the Hawthorn Library facility is still planned for the future to create a more contemporary library service at the cost of just under $12.3 million to be completed by 2027-28. This will follow the redevelopment of the Kew Library at the cost of $21.81 million over the next three years, with completion set for 2026-27.

Additionally, the budget mentions pop-up libraries at the Kew Seniors and Hawthorn Arts Centre, to “trial different models of service to the community, and increase utilisation of underutilised spaces within these buildings.” This listed major initiative is expected to use existing resources and has no specific allocated funding.

A new green space in the footprint of the old Ferguson Stand is set to open in July 2024

Glenferrie Oval and Tuck Stand

Funding for the Glenferrie Oval and Michael Tuck StandRedevelopment is set at $29.47 million and estimated to be completed by 2027-28. The first stage of this redevelopment - a new green space in the footprint of the Ferguson Stand - is set to be completed in July 2024.

Hawthorn Community House (HCH)

The two locations of HCH on Henry St and William St, at either side of Hawthorn’s Central Gardens, have building refurbishments planned from 2026-27 and 2027-28 respectively. Henry St total cost $1.13 million and William St $1.33 million.

Flag Poles

In 2024-25 the Hawthorn Arts Centre will have flag poles installed in the area east of the building at the cost of $20,000.

Going Clean and Green

$1 million has been allocated for upgrading Council facilities with solar panels and cleaner energy sources, protecting waterways with a Litter and Pollution Reduction Strategy; and installing more electric vehicle charging stations‌.

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