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2022-23 Proposed Council Budget

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

The much anticipated City of Boroondara’s Proposed Budget for 2022-23 was presented at the council meeting on Tuesday 26 April. Public comment was open from 28 April - 25 May. All information on community response to the budget is available after 6 June. The 2022-23 budget is scheduled to be presented for adoption at the Council Meeting 27 June 2022.


The Tuck Stand

This year, the local community can at last look forward to seeing some progress on the long-delayed Michael Tuck Stand redevelopment project at the Glenferrie Oval. After numerous budget proposals failed to see any work begin, council hinted that community feedback assisted in re-prioritising this project, which was a projected cost of $17.2 million over four years and completion predicted in 2024-25. The stand has sat virtually unused since 2006, when Hawthorn Football Club relocated to Waverly Park. The refurbishment will allow sporting and community groups a chance to utilise this historic facility once again.

Ferguson Stand

As part of the Glenferrie Oval redevelopment project - which includes renewal of The Tuck Stand - demolition of the old Ferguson Stand is set to take place. Built in 1966, one year after Hawthorn attracted a record crowd of 36,786 spectators, the brick stand was shortened and partly demolished to make way for the Victorian Weightlifting Building in the early 1970s. The 2009 Concept Masterplan for Glenferrie Oval, Grace Park and L.E Bray Reserve redevelopments, states that the Ferguson Stand will be replaced with an ‘open-space link’ between the Glenferrie Oval and Grace Park. The projected expenditure for removal of the Ferguson Stand is $943,280 and is to be completed in 2022-23.

Hawthorn Library Project

Another proposed long-term project is the historic Hawthorn Library renewal. Built in 1969, Hawthorn is the oldest of the Boroondara libraries boasting a huge collection of publications, photographs and maps detailing local history as it has changed throughout the years. The upgrade is expected to offer a more contemporary service to the public. The cost of the renewal has been set at $445,299 in total over a four-year expenditure. However, work is not set to commence until 2024.

Glenferrie Road Community Facility (Hawthorn RSL)

Losing out once again in this year’s budget is the Hawthorn RSL’s planned refurbishment. This project has simply refused to get off the ground despite six years of proposals followed by a complete absence of any works. In last years budget, council committed $383,500 to the project, which never materialised and the 2022-23 budget fails to list the club in any capacity, leaving the project in limbo.

Additional Funding

Other funding projects have been proposed for Hawthorn Community House, which has been ear-marked for minor works at a cost of $50,000. The Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre has also entered this years budget proposal list, with $85,000 to be spent on mechanical equipment replacement.

In general, Council has indicated it will undertake a range of significant major projects in 2022-23 across broader Boroondara, with some projects to be completed by the end of the year. Included are $4.26 million to be spent on a range of environmental initiatives such as $2 million to implement the Sustainable Council Building Policy requirement which will deliver the minimum five star standard for all new buildings and applicable retrofits. A further $1 million is to be spent on reducing greenhouse gas emissions through LED lighting and heating and cooling upgrades. $675,000 is being proposed for the support of ongoing park and street tree renewal programs. The sum of $279,100 is proposed to enhance and maintain urban biodiversity across the municipality by implementing several initiatives. These initiatives include; Backyard Biodiversity project, Wildlife not Weeds program, interpretive signage, and to extend the area of Boroondara which is actively managed for its significant biodiversity value.


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