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COVID-19: Slow the Spread

In 16 March, a State of Emergency was declared in Victoria and continues to be extended while authorities try to minimise and contain the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

On 23 March, a shutdown came into effect forcing indoor venues (pubs, gyms, cinemas and places of worship) to close while restaurants and cafes were restricted to takeaway. On 30 March, stage 3 restrictions were introduced and previous advice to stay home became a legally enforced mandate. Social isolation and distancing significantly restricted personal contact and movement outside the home. As schools and universities transitioned to online learning and working from home became the new standard, Glenferrie became quieter than ever.

When they were announced, we could only estimate the consequences these proactive strategies would have on our society and economy. After more than two months, the impact on our local and national communities has begun to reveal itself. As we wait for a vaccine for COVID-19, we are all coming to terms with a different way of life in a world where the best way to come together as a community is to stay apart.

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