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Contactless Delivery during COVID-19

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Kafeel, Jigar and Ramvinay are Uber Eats drivers who live locally to Glenferrie Hawthorn. Kafeel has been a food delivery driver for approximately one year and during the COVID-19 shutdown he has noticed "work is easier - less traffic, less risk" in terms of getting around on his motor bike. Jigar observes that it is harder to nab delivery orders these days because the number of "riders are increasing." As people lose their jobs in other sectors, they are turning to food delivery to stay afloat. Kafeel notices that the busiest times are now "weekends between 5pm and 8pm" and that most deliveries occur around dinner time. All three drivers explain they practice contactless delivery, where they "leave at the door. Always." and they are delivering to homes more and more instead of offices as "slightly more people stay home" throughout the day. Although they might head to other suburbs for deliveries, they always return to deliver in Hawthorn.

Deliveroo driver leaving a contactless delivery.
Deliveroo driver delivering a take-away meal

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