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Choice In Shopping for Essentials

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Glenferrie Hawthorn is well serviced by a range of supermarkets from national stores Coles and Woolworths to local Asian supermarkets including Jinfu Asian Grocery Supermarket, Grand Laguna, Surabhi Groceries and Shoppers India.

Lucy from The Leaf Store, 728 Glenferrie Road.
Lucy from The Leaf Store, 728 Glenferrie Road

Fortunately, we now have even more variety of choice when it comes to s h o p p i n g for essential food items with the opening of The Leaf Store in April. The Leaf Store describes itself as a 'village grocer' , selling fresh fruit and vegetables and locally-sourced specialty pantry items. The careful design of the renewed shopfront has set the store entry back from the footpath, creating an inviting transition from the street into the store.

New Coles Local, 689-699 Glenferrie Road
New Coles Local, 689-699 Glenferrie Road

In what turned out to be very unfortunate timing, Glenferrie supermarket Coles closed for renovations just before March and remained closed throughout the pandemic stockpiling craze until it re-opened on 1 May 2020 as 'Coles Local'. The rebrand has a strong emphasis on 'Local', sourcing some of their products from local vendors such as Laurent Bakery and Brunetti and reducing the amount of plastic packaging. The renovation is similar in style to stores in Surrey Hills and St Kilda. The new Glenferrie Coles Local store-front features large windows which spill light out onto the street at night. The layout allows easier access to shorter aisles and seems much more spacious than before. Notably missing is the serviced deli counter, however, your serviced deli needs can still be met by Glenferrie's Continental Deli, Glenferrie Gourmet Meats, or the other major supermarket. We spoke with local customer Noga in Coles Local, who expressed her love for the refurbishment. "It's amazing. It's so attractive," she said, explaining she had already been three times in the four days since it opened.

Cooking at home is made so easy with Glenferrie Hawthorn’s variety of grocers and the community has certainly enjoyed exploring all the new and revamped offerings.

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