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Revitalised Planter Boxes

Completed maintenance on plater boxes at Glenferrie Road and Chrystobel Crescent.

On Wednesday 12 February the planter boxes, in four locations along Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, were brought back to life with fresh plants and flowers, brightening up our streetscape.

The planter boxes have been in much need of maintenance, with a number of locals commenting to traders on the matter. Originally implemented by the Glenferrie Traders Association (GTA) approximately five years ago, the boxes have fluctuated between being well maintained, decorated with the spring racing horses or Christmas themes, and neglected and overgrown with weeds or bare.

The City of Boroondara informed The Glenferries Times that Sevron Environmental were contracted by the council to refurbish the planter boxes. This replanting is a temporary initiative by council as part of the Glenferrie Road Placemaking Project. According to Carolyn McClean, Director of Community Development, the planter boxes are planned to be "in place for another year until the Placemaking Plan is completed with longer term solutions to enhance the street". These long term solutions are investigated and decided based on consultation for the Placemaking Project.

Council has said they will provide contractors for weekly maintenance to remove "weeds and rubbish and to ensure plants receive adequate water". If the planter boxes are consistently maintained, it could turn some eyesores into beautiful floral additions to Glenferrie.

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