Proposed Amenity Local Law Review

Every ten years City of Boroondara council updates the Amenity Local Law. These are local regulations that allow "councils to make legislative controls that reflect the different circumstances of each municipality."

On 26 September, council provided the public with the Proposed Amenity Local Law 2019 and Local Law Community Impact Statement and accepted feedback about the proposed changes until 24 October.

Changes to local laws proposed by council include laws under impounding, offences by corporations, advertising signs, charity bins, filming and photography, bike and E-scooter share schemes, model aircraft, movement of soil, pavement lights, drains and watercourses, e-waste, wasps nests and bees and keeping domestic animals. The Local Law Community Impact Statement outlines what has changed or been added to these local laws and can be accessed at

The advised changes to the local laws, if approved, will come into affect 17 December 2019.

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