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More Than Meets the Eye

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Glenferrie is home to a variety of businesses with goods and services ranging from take-away to homewares to retail. But is there more than meets the eye when it comes to our local traders? The Glenferrie Times investigates what extras are offered by local Glenferrie businesses, beyond what you might find on the shelf.

Try Before You Buy

Cato from Glenferrie Gourmet Meats cooking up samples for the passersby.

Feel like a family roast dinner, but don’t feel like cooking it? For almost twenty years now, local butcher Glenferrie Gourmet Meats have offered a fully-cooked complimentary roasting service. If you buy a roasting cut of meat, the staff will cook it for you for no extra charge, with the option to add a serve of roast vegetables and gravy. On any given Saturday (weather permitting), you can find one of the guys grilling up bite-sized samples of sausages, burgers, or pork fillets on the BBQ outside the store at 720 Glenferrie Road. For owner Josh, these services are valuable as it “gets more people in the door. For the customers,” he said, “they’re able to try before they buy – and they don’t have to cook their dinner.” It’s more than ‘meats’ the eye at Glenferrie Gourmet Meats, no meat-lover can miss this above-and-beyond service

The Runway

If free style advice, catwalks, champagne, and food platters sound like your kind of day, look no further than the monthly styling events at Blue Illusion at 712 Glenferrie Road. The staff have run the franchise-wide events since their doors opened 15 years ago. The day involves refreshments and a fashion parade which showcases around 20 outfits with a range of accessories modelled by customers. “It’s a really fun, good day,” said manager Maria. “Customers tend to come back as they like what they’ve seen, and it might introduce them to something different.” On the day, the team also offer free one-on-one styling sessions which “builds a customer-store relationship,” said Maria. “Customers feel like the store is their store, because of that personal service.” And the shopping is guilt-free – 7% of all purchases on the day go toward the nominated charity of the month. “We like to give back. The charity benefits, and that’s the main goal.” For more information on upcoming events, you can call 9819 6155 or email

Last month's styling event at Blue Illusion.

Callipso One at 797 Glenferrie Road is also the place to be for lovers of women’s fashion. Career stylist and owner of the business, Tracy, hosts a range of events for VIP members and locals. You have your pick of free bi-monthly evening fashion parades, or ticketed quarterly fashion luncheons in partnership with Rococo, just next door. Tracy offers free "one-on-one styling to each client to ensure they dress for their body shape". She also holds four fashion styling nights throughout the year, often teaming up with Simone Perele at 709 Glenferrie Road. For information regarding upcoming events go to the Callipso One Facebook page,, call 9818 5569, or join their VIP program for email updates and exclusive access to all their fashion events.

Taste Something New

Upcoming tastings at Red White and Amber, 718 Glenferrie Road.

Every Friday, local liquor merchant Red White and Amber hosts an evening of tasting from 4-7pm. Some weeks showcase a selection from a particular label hosted by a representative, sometimes a particular liquor from a range of different labels is featured, while other times the evening follows a theme such as spring carnival champagnes or imported wines from France and Italy. Graedon, owner of Red White and Amber, has been running the tastings since 2002. For the most part, he prefers to invite winemakers to present their wines, so they are able to engage tasters with the story of where the wine comes from and answer queries down to the soil type of the growing region. “It gives customers the opportunity to try what they may have walked past and not been brave enough to purchase,” said Graedon. “It’s about knowledge more than sales, trying new things, and variety.” The tastings are at the same time each week and almost always free, save for the occasional top-shelf spirit tastings which will set you back a $10 tasting fee which is redeemable on purchase. If you ever find yourself needing to ‘wine’ down after a week of work, head to 718 Glenferrie Road from 4-7pm for a Friday evening of tasting.

Learn a Skill

Anthony, Coffee Training Manager at Axil Coffee Roasters.

If you have ever considered a career in coffee, Axil Coffee Roasters at 322 Burwood Road offer their popular barista courses each month at a range of levels from basic to advanced. Coffee Training Manager, Anthony, has run the coffee-making classes for five years now with the help of a team of staff. As a wholesale coffee roaster, training to up-skill baristas is "part of the price-tag" for cafes across Melbourne who use Axil coffee. For individuals in the community, Anthony believes that "particularly in Melbourne, people are really interested in coffee. The classes give them the opportunity for understanding how to get the most out of their coffee when they're making it at home. And honestly, I think a lot of people just come because it’s fun.” The classes can be booked online at, and are a good gift idea coming up to Christmas - gift vouchers can be purchased in-store.

Whether it’s tasting an exotic wine or a Vegemite sausage, gaining new skills or admiring the latest trends with some bubbly, our Glenferrie traders offer a range of exciting events and exceptional extras that can only come from that caring, local touch.

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