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Flood Mapping Study

Boroondara's Flood Mapping Study was adopted on 11 June 2019, nearly two years after affected Boroondara residents were first notified of the study.

In October 2017, some residents were informed that their property could be possibly affected by overland stormwater flows, commonly known as flash floods. These occur when extreme rainfall causes gutters, downpipes, and drains to overflow, pushing stormwater over land such as roads and properties. This is a 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) rainfall event, also known as a '1 in 100 year rainfall event'.

Informed residents had the opportunity to make inquiries, submissions, and express their concerns over the initial Flood Mapping Study, and some modifications and adjustments were made before its eventual adoption earlier this year.

In addition to properties already identified by the Boroondara Planning Scheme, the Flood Mapping Study identifies a further 4,300 parcels of land which are likely to be affected by a 1% AEP rainfall event.

For properties identified in the study, City of Boroondara explains that the mapping helps everyone "understand the extent and depth of stormwater flow along natural ‘overland flow’ paths so we can provide direction to property owners, builders and developers when they are renovating, landscaping or building." There are now new report and consent requirements for building works for properties included in the study. The City of Boroondara's research concludes the Flood Mapping Study will have "no noticeable effect on property values".

Contact the City of Boroondara, by phoning 9278 4444 or emailing, to check if your property has been included in the Flood Mapping Study and to request a free flood assessment report of your property.

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