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Vincci Lee

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

After recently moving to the Glenferrie Hawthorn area, Vincci Lee is doing her best to dive into all that Glenferrie has to offer. Coming to Australia from Hong Kong eight years ago, Vincci graduated from Australian National University in Canberra where she studied Psychology Honours and International Relations. Three years ago she moved to Melbourne to complete her Masters at Monash University in Clayton and has recently started her new job as an occupational therapist, making home visits in the eastern suburbs as part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

After graduating, Vincci moved to Preston but took up a job in Blackburn. Wanting to move closer to work, she scouted out a few areas and eventually found her own studio apartment in the heart of Glenferrie. She already knew the area fairly well, as she had previously worked as a research assistant at Swinburne University. She was drawn to the variety and affordability of the eateries and the safety she felt in Glenferrie Hawthorn.

Luckily for Vincci, the Glenferrie Festival took place a few weeks after she moved to the area and she took the opportunity to attend. She was impressed by the event, having never seen anything like it, with so many people and so much on offer. Looking for volunteer opportunities she spent her time visiting the different stalls, shops and organisations, seeing this as one of the best ways to meet people and a "good way of knowing my community."

Having only lived in Melbourne for three years and moving around in that time, Vincci has been taking steps to make her new suburb a comforting home. Since moving, she has become a regular at the Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre (HALC), Hawthorn Library and her favourite take-away, Roll-a-day. She enjoys the familiar faces and says this helps to "build my sense of belonging." She has been working her way through the many eateries and cafes, enjoying Picasso’s, Le Clec, Aangan Express and her new favourite Cafe de Taite, a Hong Kong restaurant with friendly staff and offerings of comfort and memories of home.

Although Vincci is busy after starting full time work recently, in her free time she volunteers as a receptionist at St. Mary's House of Welcome, a shelter in Fitzroy.

Vincci is also a big fan of cooking. She loves to try new recipes, often listening to SBS cooking shows for tips and new things to try. She buys ingredients from the local Woolworths and Coles and has started attending the monthly Boroondara Farmers Market where she says she can find specific and hard-to-find items for her recipes.

Vincci has been attending free events at the Hawthorn Arts Centre including the art gallery, film screenings and the Maker’s Market. At the Maker’s Market, she enjoys seeing what the local artists are up to and purchases hand crafted cards to send to friends and family. Vincci feels very lucky to be in an area which has such great events and amenities. Her keen attitude towards being involved and trying new things is an important addition to our community here in Glenferrie Hawthorn.

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