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New Myki scanning at Glenferrie

New myki readers have been installed at Glenferrie station, allowing passengers to go through the gates faster than before.

20 new readers were installed last week, which are specifically designed to scan cards efficiently, in an effort to reduce the congestion with travellers getting on and off the train.

In order to make the scanning process faster, the readers just show whether the myki is touched on or off, and no longer show the card's balance.

Member for Hawthorn John Kennedy said the upgrades will make a difference at the station.

“With these new readers, we are making travel quicker and easier for passengers at Glenferrie station," he said.

“Our continued investment in improving and upgrading our public transport network will mean people get home sooner, safer and easier.”

Glenferrie station has on average more than 10,000 passengers come through its gates every day, and foot traffic coming in and out of the station can be particular busy.

It is now also possible to scan your myki with an Android phone via the Google Pay system.

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