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Heritage Overlay

Hawthorn's roots are grounded in a rich history dating back to the mid-1800s and it is reflected through its longstanding buildings and features. In light of this, the legal protection of culturally significant precincts and specific properties - residential, commercial, and otherwise - is set to expand with the recent Hawthorn Heritage Gap Study initiated by the City of Boroondara. The study recommends a series of extensions and new Heritage Overlays.

A Heritage Overlay is a town planning control that ensures any development does not adversely affect the significance of a heritage place. City of Boroondara explains this type of control is for the purpose of conserving Boroondara's "rich and diverse history which helps define the character of the City and provide an important insight into who we are as a community."

Heritage Overlays of precincts and properties are not the same as individual properties being listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, such as the former Hawthorn Motor Garage, Glenferrie Primary School, Glenferrie Railway Station and Glenferrie Oval Grandstand. These properties face more stringent controls, compared to those of a Heritage Overlay.

The Hawthorn Heritage Gap study will be implemented through Amendment C282 and recommends the introduction of seven new heritage precincts, four extensions to existing heritage precincts and new heritage overlays on 14 individual properties. Refer to page 1 for the Glenferrie Hawthorn section of the City of Boroondara Heritage Overlay Schedule. The most notable proposed heritage precinct in the Glenferrie area is the Cranmore Estate and Environs Precinct to the East of Glenferrie Road.

Places within Heritage Overlays are graded as either 'Significant', 'Contributory', or 'Non-contributory'.

'Non-contributory' heritage places have "no identifiable cultural heritage significance" but are regulated to make sure any developments do not adversely impact their surrounding heritage area. 'Contributory' heritage places are not individually significant, but contribute to the general cultural heritage significance of their precinct. 'Significant' heritage places have individual "state, municipal, or local cultural heritage significance".

If your property has been included in the current Hawthorn Heritage Gap Study and will be subject to a Heritage Overlay in the Boroondara Planning Scheme, you will have additional regulations imposed on your property once the overlay has been approved by the Minister for Planning.

Inclusion in a Heritage Overlay means that a permit will be required to subdivide land, demolish or remove a building, or construct a building or structure or carry out certain works on the property.

To find out more - you can phone the City of Boroondara, Strategic Planning Department on 03 9278 4815 or visit tage.

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