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Kris Sloan

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

About a year ago, Kris Sloane made the move on her own back to Melbourne after living in Canberra for over 20 years. Growing up in Strathmore, she left Melbourne at age 21, initially moving to Sydney followed by a move to Canberra where she raised her family.

During her return to Melbourne, she has been living in Hawthorn. She has stayed with her cousin and his wife, friends and housesat while she waits for her apartment, purchased off the plan, to be completed in Fitzroy. Although her time in Hawthorn has been a means to an end, Kris has found that her time here has

been most enjoyable.

Kris spent many years working as a family therapist, now fully retired she is enjoying the perks of her free time. As a family therapist her job involved a heavy amount of socialising, so Kris still finds many ways to be social in retirement.

"Social contact is very important when you live by yourself," Kris emphasises when discussing joining the Hawthorn Library and regularly going for coffees at The Faculty, Shade and Methodist Coffee Roasters.

Kris discusses what she enjoys in a neighbourhood, and the first things to do when moving into a new area. Familiar with Hawthorn before the move from Canberra, as her cousin and his wife have lived here for over 30 years, she first joined the Hawthorn Library and the Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre (HALC).

Being physically active is another important aspect of Kris' life, and she swims regularly at HALC. She also found a pilates class through the Hawthorn Community Centre and does classes three times a week.

Other necessities Kris has found in Hawthorn include Lorna May Salon where she regularly has her hair done, a GP at Access Health and a chiropractor at HALC.

Appreciating how lucky we are to have the Lido and the Hawthorn Arts Centre so close, Kris reminisces on some of the amazing music she has seen at the Arts Centre, including Grace Jones in 2018.

Kris also keeps busy being a part of different social activist groups, Refugee Action Committee and GetUp!, focusing on groups which put emphasis on climate change and refugees.

With a love of ravel and three sons across the world, spread between Canada, the UK and closer to home in Mordialloc Victoria, Kris has the opportunity to visit many places. Going to Canada and the UK at least once a year, she has also travelled to other places of interest like Africa, USA and Mexico in the past year.

Although looking forward to her move to Fitzroy, she suspects she, "I will miss the bird life because of all the trees here."

Having established a new network of friends and a life here, even if she knew it was temporary, Kris knows she will keep coming to the area. She looks forward to visiting the cafe Shade in the warmer months where they have a Fraydo Cappuchino, a Greek iced coffee that she hasn't seen anywhere outside Greece.

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