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Michael Tuck Stand Redevelopment

The Michael Tuck Stand, colloquially known as the Tuck Stand, is the iconic Glenferrie Oval Grandstand forming the backdrop to the Glenferrie Oval. The build- ing was completed in 1938 for the Hawthorn Football Club (HFC), and was added to the Victorian Heritage Register in 1992. Heritage Victoria cited its importance in "illustrat- ing the status sought by the Hawthorn Club in the league through its Moderne design, most other league clubs favouring a traditional nineteenth century design for their grandstands".

In 2006 the Hawthorn Football Club relocated its administrative and training base from the Glenferrie Oval, which included the use of the Tuck Stand, to the redeveloped Waverley Park. The Hawks Nest merchandise shop remained in use in a small part of the Tuck Stand until earlier this year, when it closed permanently. For 12 years the Tuck Stand has remained under-utilised and has been described by some as having gone to ruin.

Finally, the City of Boroondara has included the refurbishment of the Tuck Stand as one of nine major projects outlined in the 2018-2019 budget. The total budgeted expenditure over the next four years for the Tuck Stand is $8.7 million to "refurbish Tuck Stand making it available for sporting and community". The majority of the expendi- ture is projected for 2021-22.

In 2009 City of Boroondara released the Glenferrie Oval, Grace Park and L.E. Bray Reserve Concept Master Plan. The plan consisted of eight different stages which focus on the improvements and redevelop- ment of the area. Since its release, no stage has been fully implemented, however a number of components of the Master Plan are completed. Some of these include, redevelopment of the Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre and adjacent car park, upgrades to the Glenferrie Oval pedestrian underpass, renewal of both Grace Park and L.E Bray Reserve playgrounds and installa- tion of a rain garden in Grace Park.

The overarching Concept Master Plan outlines works planned for the Tuck Stand which include; change rooms and public toilet facilities, provide rehearsal space for local bands including Hawthorn Band and Boroondara Brass, provide storage and meeting space for community groups, stand to be tenanted by a sporting club(s) (provided other community, cultural and sporting uses can be accommodated) and retain tiered seating for viewing of events and activities on the oval. According to the City of Boroondara, "a community consultation will inform develop- ment of a concept plan in 2019-20. Works for the Tuck Stand are foreshadowed to be carried out in 2021-22." In the past we’ve seen the City of Boroondara push projects back, and even reduce project funding, such as the Hawthorn RSL. We look forward to the Glenferrie Hawthorn's Tuck Stand remaining an important major project and its eventual refurbishment coming to fruition in 2021-22.

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