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Roadworks in Glenferrie

Yarra Valley Water is currently working on relining over 50 kilometres of sewer pipelines here in Hawthorn. Didn't notice any digging? That's because robotic technology is being used in order to avoid digging up the ground and causing too much disruption to residents and businesses.

Hawthorn first connected to Melbourne's sewer system in 1905 and in 1911 had it's first sewered toilets. Some of these sewer pipes have not been changed since then, making them more than 100 years old.

Robotic cameras are used to inspect pipes all across Melbourne, that's 9,200km of sewers across the city. The pipes are then rated based on their age and structural condition and the relining is remotely controlled above ground.

Yarra Valley Water has invested $15 million to reline Hawthorn's oldest sewer pipes, extending their life by 50 years. The project was expected to be completed by approximately mid-2018.

Unrelated to the sewer pipelines, more noticeable roadworks took place mid May along Liddiard Street, Park Street and in front of 718 - 734 Glenferrie Road. XPower, who were responsible for the road digging, explained the work was related to underground power.

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