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Glenferrie Oval Issues Dealt With

In September 2017, local media reported resident's concerns about the vandalism and unsocial behaviour occurring at night in the BBQ area next to the Glenferrie Oval. At the time, former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett and current Hawthorn State Liberal MP John Pesutto publically expressed their concern about the state of the public space.

In Parliament, Pesutto requested a report from the Minister of Police into the safety of BBQs next to the Glenferrie Oval. "I have spoken to local police about the matter and will continue to pursue the Minister for the results of the report into safety."

The Glenferrie Times has followed up with Pesutto's office on the progress of the safety report. As of May 2018, we have been informed that the issue has been dealt with. Pesutto stated, "I have been advised that local Police are dealing with those they believe to be involved and that they have been moved on."

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