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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day on Sunday 13 May, it can be difficult for many to decide how to celebrate mum on this special day. Does one go for flower, gifts, brunch out, or all of the above? Whatever you decide Glenferrie Hawthorn has you covered for all your celebration needs.

Flowers Slow down and smell the roses is something that florists in Glenferrie won't be saying come early May, as this is the "biggest event after Christmas,"staff from Troubadour Flowers explain. They order in extra stock and make up hundreds of flower arrangements for the event.

Panache Flowers even hire an extra cool room for all their additional flowers. For those who didn't have the time to pre-order, both florists have arrangements ready to pick up on the day and can give helpful advice on what to choose. Tulips and roses are popular, but customers are also open to the less traditional flowers and arrangements.

Other Gifts

If it's not flowers for mum, then many shops in Glenferrie Hawthorn have an array of different helpful gift ideas. Rose St. Trading Co. often has sales close to the date and set out tables of gift ideas from PJs to candles. Similarly Readings have tables with gift ideas of fiction to literature , best sellers, DIY books and even more ideas. Blackbird & Fox has many quirky gifts from pots and cards to home décor with their most popular Mother's Day gift being skin-care products.


If after all the flowers and gifts have been purchased and you want some bonding time with Mum, there are many restaurants having special offers and events for brunch and dinner.

Whether you're the last minute gift shopper or the days-in-advance planner, Glenferrie Hawthorn will be sure to provide all the essential things to spoil Mum this Mother's Day.

Quick Gift Ideas

Boutique products, homewares, accesories, stationary, personal products from Stranger Things Emporium, Blackbird & Fox, Homing Instincts and Rose St.Trading Co.

Books, CDs and magazines from Readings.

Help support Breast Cancer Network Australia by donating or purchasing a pink bun from Baker's Delight who will be helping to raise money for BCNA until the 23 of May.

Select a perfect bottle from Red, White & Amber and Small Patch Wine Store.

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