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Health Practices in Glenferrie

Whether it’s the sore neck from sitting at a desk all day or the dodgy knee hurt playing tennis, there’s a good chance that most of us will experience pain and injuries throughout our lives. Luckily, the Glenferrie Road precinct is well-equipped to deal with whatever the issue may be.

In this edition, we outline different medical practices on offer, each with their own different focusses and methods, but all aiming to relieve the pains and strains and get you back in action.


Chiropractic translates to “treatment by hand” in Greek, and this reflects on the methods of Chiropractors. Chiropractic works focuses on the “unlocking” of joints, particularly in the spine and neck, to realign them and reduce pressure. Key to this idea is the focus on the nervous system and its relationship with the spine.

Dr Peter Vrakatselis of Wellbeing Hawthorn says that since the body’s internal communication comes through the spine, it’s vital that it is maintained and protected.

“Electricity (in the spine) controls every function… A healthy nervous system is a healthy body.”

Since better communication means better movement, chiropractors look to find the spinal source of an issue within the body, and address it that way. This generally means non-invasive manipulation of the spinal joints, to reset them to their most effective positions.


Myotherapy looks to provide treatment at the source of the injury. Tessa Kennelly from Beyond says that this focus on the source of the injury is vital for myotherapists, and that the specific “expertise in the muscles and soft tissue” is the strength of myotherapy.

Myotherapists use different techniques such as massage, needling and the manipulation of muscular “trigger points” to address what it is that is causing the issues. These trigger points are specific areas of muscle that are tender and can cause pain, both in that particular spot and around other parts of the body.

Myotherapists in Glenferrie


Osteopathy takes its own approach to recovery, looking at the body’s musculoskeletal system as a whole. Osteopaths use manual methods to address issues, particularly with the use of the hands, and on occasion, dry needling.

One of Beyond’s osteopaths, Tessa, says that she tends to take a broader look at injuries.

“If someone comes in with a sore shoulder, we won’t just look at that, we’ll also look at other areas of the body.”

Osteopaths in Glenferrie


A popular choice for many people after different sorts of injuries, physiotherapy is one of the more well-known healthcare professions focusing on movement and stability. Physiotherapists use hands-on, non-invasive methods, such as massage and prescribed exercises, to ensure your body is working in its perfect capacity.

Back In Motion Hawthorn’s Principal Physiotherapist, Nathan Rickard, says that physiotherapy work is about empowering the client and giving them the opportunity to work themselves towards

This focus of “the more they can do, the better,” allows the client to take charge and responsibility for their recovery, reducing the likelihood of further injury.

Physiotherapists in Glenferrie

There’s no better time than the present to get your body back in action. None of these treatments need a referral from a GP, so if you’ve got that nagging pain or injury get in touch with one of the

many practices today.

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