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Enhancing Glenferrie’s Streets

The long-awaited start of the AFL season is almost upon us, and Glenferrie Hawthorn is ready to cheer on their hometown Hawks with a new mural on the Bank of Melbourne’s wall.

The artwork, on Linda Crescent near corner of Glenferrie Road, features Hawthorn’s Cyril Rioli, Jaeger O'Meara and Ryan Burton.

The Hawks had been looking for a space for a mural, and with it being just down the road from the Glenferrie Oval, this spot was a perfect solution.

"Bank of Melbourne is pleased to be able to work with the Hawthorn Football Club to remove graffiti on the wall outside our branch and replace it with a mural of some of the club's notable players", said Mei-Na Ooi, of the Hawthorn Branch.

The artist, Askew One of New Zealand, spent five days on the project, and the mural was completed in late February.

Street murals add colour and a point of interest to the area.

Not far away from the Hawthorn mural on Park Street, clothing store Eco D’s wall often features an eye catching mural, and the current depiction of Autumn-Winter is no different.

Cop Shop Espresso, a new window café opposite Glenferrie Station, also features a mural on their large brick wall and are planning to regularly update the mural with new artwork by local artists.

These accessible artworks demonstrate how the walls of Glenferrie can be creatively utilitsed. Perhaps we can see more murals along our thoroughfares.

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