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Parking Management Policy Survey Results

In 2017 the City of Boroondara conducted a survey regarding the Parking Management Policy, completed by locals, traders and visitors to the area. From those who took part in the survey the majority supported Council’s proposed key policy changes which include; community engagement for parking proposals, community engagement approach regarding parking concerns, implementing parking management measures on a street or area-wide basis and on one or both sides of a street, a new process for investigating parking concerns and community support level required for changes to parking.

The biggest change to the policy for traders in the area is the new process for investigating parking concerns in a commercial/retail area. Prior to this change if a trader/business had parking concerns the individual stakeholder was able to lodge a complaint to the Council in which an investigation would begin. Now however, if a trader/business has a parking concern it must first be taken to their Traders Association, in our case the Glenferrie Traders Association (GTA), and if the Traders Association supports the parking concern only then will the Council officer commence an investigation into the concern. If the commercial/retail area does not have a Traders Association then their needs to be at least 50% of support for the parking concern from traders/businesses in the area in order to lodge a complaint and begin an investigation by Council.

With the GTA's new responsibility in regards to parking management be sure to contact them with any of your parking concerns so steps can be taken to lodge any complaints and help better manage parking in the area.

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