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Local Flames Wake Up Call for Fire Safety

On Friday 24 November 2017, at approximately 4:20pm, the fire brigade was called to the rear of shops 804 and 806 Glenferrie Road. The fire began in a rubbish bin containing flammable chemicals and spread from Universal Beauty Studio and into the kitchen of Samurai. Samurai staff acted quick using their fire extinguishers on both the fire next door and in their own kitchen.

The fire caused damage to Universal Beauty Studio rear kitchenette and smoke damage inside and outside their building. Damages at Samurai were to their kitchen food preparation and storage area and smoke damage to indoor and outdoor walls. After being closed and repairing the damage, Samurai re-opened on Friday 15 December. However, Universal Beauty Studio did not need to close for repair. This incident is a reminder to locals and traders of how important fire safety is. Always ensure that fire extinguishers can easily be accessed, flammable material is kept in a safe place and disposed of safely and individuals and staff have the proper knowledge of fire safety in the workplace.

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