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Local beverages to beat the summer heat

Getting that caffeine fix becomes a bit tougher on these hot days if you’re used to a warm cup. Fortunately Liar Liar has their signature iced latte made with MIDAS Blend coffee beans. Also popular is their Matcha Green Tea Latte, topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Fresh fruity drink or something for the sweet tooth, Rococo has it all. The Lychee Mocktail with fresh cherries, lime and apple and cranberry juice is a perfect light refreshment. The deconstructed Iced Hot Chocolate comes on a platter in three parts. Add to the ice cream the milk and chocolate just as you like or go all out and try to fit it all in one, either way it’s a fun and tasty treat.

The highlight of the mocktail collection at Santoni is The Ed, a refreshing and appealing summery drink. Starting with a fresh strawberry puree, Santoni add cold lemonade and fresh mint and pour over ice for a colourful and thirst-quenching complement to your pizza of choice.

Nestled away in the Don Arcade, the Glenferrie Crepe Café is serving a big range of summer drinks, most notably their most popular drink, the Nutella Frappe. Complete with rich choc-hazelnut goodness and topped with an extravagant helping of whipped cream, this frappe may not be the green smoothie your personal trainer recommends, but it sure is delicious.

A health-conscious option and vegan friendly, Short Straw has a number of different energy boosting smoothies, most popular being the Almond Milk Green Smoothie. Made with banana, spinach, kale, avocado, honey, almond milk and pea protein, it’s bound to get you moving.

Although served all year-round, Samurai’s milkshakes draw more attention in the summer months. The Green Tea Milkshake is most popular as it seems to pair nicely after a plate of fresh sushi. Made with milk, matcha and a scoop of ice cream, not too sweet but a perfect treat after lunch or dinner.

Hanoi Old Quarter offers a great selection of traditional Vietnamese summer fare, including the famous sugar cane drink. Made with nothing but fresh sugarcane watch as the machine crushes and collects the sweet juice right in front of you.

The two signature drinks at Cha Time, the Polar Pineapple and Kiwi Kooler, both made with crushed ice and topped with fresh fruit, are sure to induce a brain freeze if you’re not careful.

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