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Father Luciano OFM Cap

The Capuchin Friars, along with the Italian community, recently farewelled charismatic Father Luciano Rocchi who passed away aged 91 on 3 January 2018. He first came to Australia in 1951 on a missionary trip and became a big part of the community. For most of his life Fr Luciano resided with fellow Capuchin Friars in close proximity to Glenferrie, at St Anthony’s Shrine, corner of Power St and Riversdale Rd. Growing up in a small town near Maranello, where Ferrari’s are manufactured, outgoing Fr Luciano always had a passion for fast cars and once dubbed himself ‘the flying monk’. Rest in peace Fr Luciano.

Did you know? The Cappuccino (literally translating to “little hood”) drink derives its name from the Capuchin Friars religious order, as the colour of the espresso mixed with frothed milk resembles the colour of the Capuchin hooded robes.

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