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Performers Take On Hawthorn Arts Centre

The Bombay Royale performed at the Hawthorn Arts Centre in September this year and we caught up with front-woman, singer and dancer Parvyn Singh, to find out about performing at our local performing arts venue.

From the age of five Parvyn sang and performed with her father and she always hoped of making a living from her love of music and dance. Now, 25 years later, she is doing exactly that. Parvyn performs in numerous bands from party band The Bombay Royale to Bluguru, a bluegrass band with her husband. She also teaches dance classes at Studio J in Richmond. She is living the life of her


Parvyn grew up in Adelaide and moved to Melbourne 12 years ago and now lives in Mont Albert with her husband and young son. She frequents Glenferrie Hawthorn fairly often and has performed in the Hawthorn Arts Centre for a few cultural and corporate events and functions.

“It’s beautiful to have an events space like that, In the middle of so much other activity,” Parvyn commented. “It has such a beautiful looking foyer area, it makes it feel like a real show. It’s a special-event type place. Very versatile.” The last time Parvyn remembers performing at the Arts Centre was for a more formal event with the audience sitting at tables.

Her more recent performance with The Bombay Royale had more of a dance and party vibe, and while the band had some initial trepidation about performing in what she thought of as such a formal space, the whole room was filled with excitement and energy after about three songs! The audience was very diverse, just like Hawthorn itself, but the mix really worked and Parvyn saw it as an overall success and commended the Hawthorn Arts Centre for their promotion of the event.

After their performance, Parvyn and the band went to greet fans and sell CDs in the foyer. She recalls that “people seemed so enthusiastic. Everyone was beaming, really happy. I love that, and I love that about The Bombay Royale, there’s smiles everywhere.”

Parvyn, the band and some friends hung around Glenferrie Hawthorn after their show, it was the AFL Grand Final Eve and the area was buzzing with people out at restaurants and bars. They enjoyed a drink at The Kilburn and a late night snack at Hawthorn Grill and Kebab Shop.

This was not the first time Glenferrie Hawthorn has been lucky enough to experience a performance from Parvyn Singh and hopefully not the last.

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