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Trader Spotlight: Southern Cross Church Supplies

Ann De Castella

A short walk from the main hustle and bustle of Glenferrie Hawthorn, Southern Cross Church Supplies is a destination shop, supplying individual customers and churches for over 27 years. In the late 1980’s Anne and husband Rolet purchased the business which at the time had its shop located in the city. It was a priority to relocate the shop closer to their home in Kew and Glenferrie seemed the perfect fit. Alchemy Tattoo Studio Originally they moved the shop to where is now located, just across the road from their current location. However, soon after their move from the city, the site they are now located at was sold and the tenant, a French lingerie and perfume shop vacated. Anne jumped at the opportunity to have a huge space for more stock and room to grow as a supplier and promptly moved again.

One of the many Nativity Sets on display at SCCS.

Southern Cross Church Supplies offers a range of items, from their highly sought after candles, rosary beads, baptism and communion gifts, church furnishings, books, Christmas décor such as nativity sets and cards depicting the origins of Christmas, locally crafted items and much more. Being an independent supplier and not affiliated with any particular denomination, Anne supplies a wide range of individuals and religious hubs in and around Melbourne. Outside of large orders there are many who come to the store regularly for that hard to find item.“Meeting the lovely customers” is something Anne enjoys about being in the shop. “It’s not like other shops. People seem to talk to you and tell you about themselves.

Ann from Southern Cross Church Supplies- Glenferrie Road

Anne has not always been a retailer. Originally she studied at Mercy Hospital For Women, East Melbourne and was a nurse at Cotham Private, Kew for 17 years. For 11 years she was a stay at home mum for her seven children. Anne and her family were always very involved in sport and fitness, Anne playing tennis when she was younger. One of her children, Robert, took their sporting interest to great lengths and is a former world champion marathon runner. As a local, having lived in Kew for 55 odd years and her five sons attending Xavier College, and as a trader for half that time, there have been many changes to the area that Anne has observed. The most obvious being the variety on offer, especially in terms of cuisines. She enjoys going for coffee at the different café’s, most notably Le Clec and Bread & Jam for Frances and finds herself visiting the Hawthorn Library, Bunnings and Hawthorn Arts Centre regularly. Having great staff available to tend the shop helps give Anne some time off from the busy six days they are open. These days Anne’s hobbies include attending Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performances, visiting the National Gallery of Victoria and spending time with her friends and family. Having 16 grandchildren keeps her very busy.

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