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Sustainable Christmas

As summer fast approaches November is a busy and exciting time of year in Melbourne. At the same time as the festivities and excitement of the Spring Racing Season, we start gearing up for the next main event, Christmas! This festive season, we can continue the 'War on Waste' movement and be vigilant in making sustainable choices.

It has been estimated that the UK alone has disposed of over 365,000 kilometres of wrapping paper at Christmas. That is enough to wrap around the earth nine times. A Japanese tradition known as ‘furoshiki’ is a really unique and sustainable way of wrapping; it involves using cloth, that can make up part of the gift, to wrap and even carry items. For example use a tea towel or kitchen cloth to wrap a cookbook or using a neck scarf to wrap some new perfume.

Keep in mind that plastic Christmas trees may appear to be an ecological alternative to the traditional tree, but if not re-used for around 20 years, they are just as detrimental to the environment. Consider alternatives to new Christmas decorations each year, reuse, restyle old ones, swap with your friends or get creative and make your own.

Carefully plan your Christmas meal. Reflect on the meal from last year; what did everyone like, what was left over, what ran out.

Furoshiki. Photo: Kyoto Foodie Source:

Be mindful of quantities and portions of food and consider your guests and their appetites. It can still be a day with a lavish spread, but be diligent and plan to avoid wastage and having ham sandwiches for weeks after Christmas.

Boroondara Council has posted a few tips of their own to reduce your waste this Christmas. Visit for more.

*Original article posted 14 November 2017

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