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Waste Crack-Down, Whats the Bin Issue?

The in's and out's of our local rubbish disposal system. Are businesses using the system in support of sustainable practice?

It's not as simple as just throwing that rubbish in the bin. Is that the right bin? Who empties that bin? For commercial properties the arrangements for waste disposal can vary significantly and will depend on the nature of the property which may be either a single tenanted building or multi-tenanted building, and also the nature of the business. Proper rubbish disposal is not to be overlooked. If not done properly it can become an eyesore, smelly, and a health and safety matter between neighbours, locals and ultimately discouraged customers of the area. Smaller retail and office buildings generally utilise Boroondara Council bin collection services and are charged on their council rates with prices depending on wheelie bin size. On a Monday night you can spot those that use this service with many different bins on Glenferrie and Burwood Road.

However, many commercial properties opt for private bin collections and have large 660L+ bins. These large bins are common place for restaurants, multi-tenanted buildings such as large office blocks or for example Glenferrie Centre, where Woolworths, Subway, Continental Deli and other retailers are located​.

Local commercial real estate agent Gorman Kelly said that if there is an issue with waste “it is often a matter of increasing capacity or frequency of removal to facilitate adequate service”. Dumping rubbish is not acceptable and is an offence under Environment Protection Act 1970. The City of Boroondara investigates dumped rubbish to identify the offenders. You can report dumped rubbish by contacting Boroondara Council or using the Snap Send Solve app.

There is also the issue of correctly separating different types of waste. Recycling and general waste need to be correctly separated. For example, if cardboard recycling is contaminated with food or other material, then often the recycling will not be collected as it can no longer be recycled properly. It is the responsibility of businesses to ensure that they are aware of the proper disposal of their waste and they should speak to their landlord, Boroondara Council and/or their private waste collector to clarify any uncertainties they may have about waste collection arrangements.

We all should regularly review how we manage our waste and where possible take steps to reducing waste. The City of Boroondara has recently released a draft titled a Waste Minimisation and Recycling Strategy and are seeking feedback until 12 September 2017, go to to have your say on their draft strategy.

The Glenferrie Hawthorn community will benefit if we all ensure that we dispose of waste appropriately.

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