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Trader Spotlight: Klang & Co.

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Tucked away in the Don Arcade alleyway next to the train station, Klang & Co. owners Sunny Yeoh & Leng Yeo are getting comfortable in Glenferrie, Hawthorn with their Malaysian food grab-and-go shop.​Klang & Co, an Asian food depot started by two cousins from Klang, a town in Malaysia famous for its industrial port and scrumptious food.Born in Malaysia, there Sunny attended school up until his teen years when he then moved to Ireland. From there he went on to study Business at University in the UK. After his studies, Sunny moved back to Malaysia where he met his wife of Malaysian background but born and raised in Australia. Together they lived in Malaysia until 2009 when they decided to move closer to her family. Having seen quite a bit of the world and living in so many different places throughout his life, it’s no wonder Sunny decided to start a restaurant that specialises in the comfort foods he ate as a child. These include meat and rice dishes with typical barbecue, teriyaki and soy flavours. Involved in the business of Property Management for many years and still today, Sunny always did have a passion for cooking and an interest in having his own business.

Sunny went into partner- ship with his cousin Leng, who moved to Australia nearly 10 years ago to study in Perth, then relocated to Melbourne in the last three years. Together they share the work of running the shop, managing and cooking. Four other staff members work at Klang & Co. including three Swinburne students and one other local. They feel that being a “community restaurant, we want to hire from within the community.” Frequenting shops like Woolworths, Coles, Commonwealth Bank, Osha Thai and Samurai, they are already getting a feel for the Glenferrie community, “We totally understand the community spirit.” They know the other neighbours in the DonArcade well and frequents their shops often.The concept for the shop is for it to be tasty and fresh take-away food. The containers used at the shop to serve the take-away meals separate the meat and rice. This is so the two items can be micro- waved separately and easily enjoyed at the appropriate Malaysian cuisine temperatures, rice very hot and the meat (or-vegetarian alternative) at room temperatures. Although a take-away shop now and only open for lunch, Sunny and Leng hope to eventually introduce table service in the evenings.

Only being open for business in Glenferrie since the start of June, there already seems to be repeat customers and they are really feeling the “joy of putting out good and delicious food.” Klang & Co is the result of their passion; a desire to share their favourite and most popular dishes with the local community, and to do so quickly and affordably.

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