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Trader Spotlight: Pezzimenti Nixon Optometrists

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Entering Pezzimenti Nixon, you are greeted by the friendly staff and dazzled by the illuminated display of a range of glasses in the store. You are also struck by the range of customers from children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Optometrist, Peter Nixon tackles not only improving vision but assessing the way vision impacts development and learning. Pezzimenti Nixon pride themselves on being a family optometrists, stressing the importance of practice and Pezzimenti Optometrists in helping children. Glenferrie Hawthorn was renowned for its With 60% of great work with children.

The move was customers being obvious for Peter, so five years ago Peter children, they teamed up with the local optometrists to emphasis on their care is done through assessing eye health, examining visual skills in readiness for learning, assessing visual perception skills and offering a wide range of children’s size frames. Helping people to improve their eyesight is a very rewarding part of Peter’s career, “particularly young people because we often help them for the rest of their lives.”

Growing up in Chelsea Heights, Peter went to University of Melbourne where he obtained a Science degree followed by a year of Honours in Vision Science then finally, Optometry. He always enjoyed helping people and the science behind eyes was of major interest, despite not being a full time glasses wearer himself. Initially, Peter worked as an optometrist in Shepparton and eventually returned to Melbourne to work in contact-lens fittings. From there, he moved onto Australian College of Optometry looking after the children’s vision clinic. Peter then looked to move into private form Pezzimenti Nixon.

Peter from Pezzimenti Nixon, Glenferrie Road.

Peter and his wife Helen work together at Pezzimenti Nixon, cycling every day from Thornbury to Glenferrie Hawthorn, on the way dropping their boys at childcare, aged nine months and three years. Enjoying the mix of different traders and choice of shops in the area, Peter is thankful for the welcoming and open community here in Glenferrie, Hawthorn. Hoping to become more involved in the local community, Peter does offer out his professional help in other ways. Working with Rotary International for the past ten years, Peter has gone to Nepal where he and other optometrists spend a few weeks in different villages and conduct eye tests, cataract surgery and provide glasses to the villagers.

Peter is excited about where the practice is going as he transitions into full owner of the business. The founding optometrists, Anne and Orlando Pezzimenti are still available and on staff. With such a young family and many things on the go, Peter seems to thrive on it all and remains an energetic and uplifting person to be around.

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