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Local War On Waste

The ABC series ‘War on Waste’ brought us the inside story to the new 'responsible Cafe's' initiative implemented in May 2017. In the local Hawthorn community small businesses like Spanish Doughnuts, Hawthorn Common, and Short Straw are now listed on the map and offer a $0.20 - $0.50 discount on takeaway coffees when presented with a reusable cup. Thanks to these Glenferrie Hawthorn cafes for getting on board with the war on waste.


Locals are certainly up for the war on waste as gift store Homing Instincts explained that when the third and final episode of ABC’s ‘War on Waste’ was aired in late May 2017 they experienced an immediate increase in sales of Keep Cups and Frank Green re-usable cups. Homing Instinct took this opportunity to then create a ‘War on Waste’ window display showcasing some items you can buy in their store to reduce everyday waste such as the reusable cups, reusable shopping bags and water bottles.

Is your cafe' responsible?

How do you have your coffee? In a takeaway cup, in a BYO reusable cup or stay and drink? The recently aired ABC's popular series War On Waste has got people talking about their waste. Trying to tackle the issue of one billion discarded takeaway cups a year. The series encouraged viewers to checkout which maps out cafes that offer a discount on coffee when you BYO reusable cup and discourage the use of disposable cups. At the time of writing this article, sadly NO Glenferrie Hawthorn cafes are on the map :( Can we change this?

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