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Where-o-Where For Glenferrie Car Park?

Boroondara Council have acknowledged the need for more car spaces, although have perhaps limited themselves in terms of the location of the car park. The Council has suggested the car park be built in Serpells Lane (behind Swinburne University, off Burwood Road) or at Wakefield and Park Streets (next to McDonalds). The Council appears not to have considered further up at Liddiard Street (behind Grill’d and Red White and Amber).

While the location may not seem that significant at first, the area that the car park is located will determine its success! The importance of the location is founded upon a number of things, primarily that the 2012 Glenferrie Car Parking Study actually identified the central and northern end of Glenferrie Road as the place requiring more car parks. A reason for this would be that the southern end of the precinct is already equipped with two car parks off Glenferrie Road, and a further two off Burwood Road. Admittedly, these spots are often utilised by Swinburne University students.

Existing car-park behind Glenferrie Oval

In order to meet the car parking demand and maximise efficiency, it would be far more appropriate to have the car park in the most central location and largest space – Liddiard Street car park. The most central location would help to evenly disperse the clientele, and reduce congestion in the southern area and on Glenferrie Road at its peak times. It is well known that Glenferrie Road can, at times, be swamped by cars!
 The Liddiard Street car park would have better access and allow for greater side street traffic flow, and reduce the burden on Glenferrie Road. The Liddiard street site is the largest space and a car park wouldn’t require as many levels to achieve the required car spaces, as compared to the Serpells Lane or Wakefield Street sites.

Have your say. Let us know where you think this car park should be built!

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