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Colour, Flavour and Season Change in Glenferrie

As we’ve gone from summer to autumn, traders and customers alike are already feeling the crisp and cooler months.

With this change in season, the clothes for sale change from shorts and tees to scarves and coats. The colours of these clothes also change. Bright colours in summer start to become softer as the weather becomes cooler. The oranges and yellows change to earthy tones like brown and black. The materials change to cashmere, merino wool and other cosy knits.

While clothing stores are selling more clothes suitable for winter and layering, hope is not lost for those going on holidays to warmer locations. Most stores still sell some summer clothes throughout the winter to cater for those trying to escape the cold. A La Plage still sees many customers come through in the winter for new holiday swimwear.

Photo left to right: Piccolina ice cream, corner of Glenferrie and Barker Road, Glenferrie, Hawthorn and soup from Bagelicious.

The foods we eat and flavours we enjoy also change with the colder weather. With Easter over for this year we may be a bit full of hot cross buns. The bakeries along the street were filled with people getting their hot cross bun fix, Piccolina even had ‘hot cross bun in a tub,’ consisting of gelato with bits of hot cross bun mixed in. Although that flavour may be put to rest for the year, others are being introduced. Still staying quite popular in the winter the ice creameries and yoghurt shops tend to swap their fruity flavours to creamier ones like peanut butter, dark chocolate and hazelnut.

Many restaurants and cafes introduce warmer foods, like porridge for breakfast and soups for lunch. Bagelicious has introduced a soup of the day to go with getting your bagel fix. Wholesome flavours like pumpkin, lentil, mushroom and green peas.

There is much to look forward to in Glenferrie Hawthorn in autumn and with winter approaching, community, traders and customers alike can count on plenty of different and new things to try out this autumn and winter season.

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